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Master in Crystallogy

The Master in Holistic Practice in Crystallogy aims to train and prepare a professional figure to carry out crystal treatments in full autonomy, in the field of individual and social well-being with a natural and non-invasive energy method.

The Holistic Practitioner in Crystallogy works with a deep knowledge of the techniques inherent the use of minerals and crystals, with the goal of a conscious improvement in the life quality of people. The Master is focused to train pratictioneers in making them able to stimulating people in the regain their own life force, sparkling on their spontaneous ability to self-balance and regenerate themselves through a wise use of the crystals. All this thanks to a philosophy that consider the individual as an indivisible entity, composed by  energetic, psychophysical and spiritual layers.

The beginning of the use of crystals is lost in the mists of time: tribes, shamans, religious and scholars have always used these energy tools as a vehicle for healing people, animals and plants, working on the following levels:

  1. Physical: release of water, mineral substances in ionic form and transmission of harmonizing electromagnetic waves. Energy stimulation aimed at improving and eliminating dysfunctions or illnesses;

  2. Emotional: contribution of harmonious vibrations;

  3. Mental: relaxation and harmonic vibrations that ease psychosomatic release;

  4. Spiritual: crystals induce us to perceive and experience new states of consciousness in a natural way and without any danger.


During the Master, students will learn:

  1. The specific properties of crystals and their connection with the primary and secondary Chakras.

  2. The use of crystals and stones, including their morphology and chemical structure. The ability to absorb, radiate or reflect light in various frequencies ranging from infrared to ultraviolet and their ability to transport it in the form of ions to lymphatic fluids and blood plasma containing electrolytes.

  3. The chemical elements contained in the crystals and the ability of the human body to absorb them.

  4. Introduction to quantum physics and metamedicine.



Use of Stones:


  1. Contact: Stones worn on contact with the skin or 1/10 cm from the body.

  2. Meditation: Stone held in the hand or resting on the floor or on a supporting surface near the body.

  3. Therapeutic Litotherapy sessions: Stones resting on the various chakras or parts of the body, as self-healing or as a treatment for others.

  4. Bases of anatomy and physiology

  5. Communication and client psychology focused on helping relationships with people

  6. Energy cleaning and balancing with the use of crystals

  7. Elixir: to benefit from the energy vibrations that will be absorbed by water: risks of release of harmful substances, safe systems, use of quartz.

  8. Therapeutic oils: to be used in massages, baths or foot baths. Use of radioesthesia as a tool for choosing stones.

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Crystallogy techniques LEVEL I

3 meetings of 1 day each

(10:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Anatomy and physiology

1 meeting of 1 day (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Practical tests with level I crystals

Crystallogy techniques LEVEL II

and professional ethics

3 meetings of 1 day each

(10:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Communication and client psychology focused on helping relationships

1 meeting of 1 day (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Practical tests with the 2nd level crystals

At each meeting will be released a pamphlet and a final certificate*.

* At the end of the Master, the learner will have to take a written exam and complete a term paper for the achievement of the final certificate.

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