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Associazione STRANGEDAYS

Holistic branch \
International Academy 
of Crystallogy





in Crystals Practitioner

The Master in Crystallogy Pratictioner aims to train a professional figure who carries out crystal treatments in full autonomy in the field of well-being - both individually and socially - with a natural and non-invasive energy method. The Holistic Pratictioner in Crystallogy act with the knowledge of the techniques needed to use minerals and crystals, with the aim of a deep conscious improvement in the quality of life. The Master aims to train Pratictioners able of stimulating the life force and the spontaneous ability of people to self-balance and regenerate themselves through a wise use of crystals, considering the individual as an indivisible entity composed by a energetic, a psychophysical and a spiritual level...

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Associazione Culturale Strangedays

holistic branch / Cristallogy

Administration: Via Val Trompia 

00141  Rome​

Fax:  06 9090565


From 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Monday - Saturday

Usual timetable during the weekend courses:

10.00 AM - 6.30 PM


Kokoro center,

Via Bobbio 21

10141 Turin


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The International Academy of Crystals created by the Strangedays offers a complete and acknowledged school course on the holistic use of Crystals, conceived as a study plan that provides also integrative courses of transversal subjects such as Psychology, Anatomy, Mineralogy, Communication and more.

The Academy



Crystallogy (already known as crystallotherapy) is a practice that helps people regain psychophysical wellbeing. Each crystal has its own "energy field" and has the ability to come into contact with every living form of the animal kingdom. The crystal works in the human body on levels defined as "physical-emotional-mental" and spiritual, bringing balance and harmony.


Minerals are incredibly harmonic structures, able to reorder any form of energy that passes through them.

Each crystal, but also amber and pearls, according to some particular characteristics, act in a specific way, absorbing forces in excess or giving energy. With the passing of the years, and thanks to an increasing awareness of people towards some issues related to the power of the etheric body and of the forces that guarantee its wellbeing, the new holistic methods now have a wider consensus. It is important to understand that minerals and crystals can be considered "alive", because through the energy of the Earth that they have absorbed and stored for thousands of years, they turned into wonders of nature between the bowels of the planet. They can strengthen the human energy structure, helping to fight and to prevent ills dued to the disharmony of the various "subtle bodies", before they are poured into our physical body.

Crystallogy and similar disciplines, which involved the use of crystals, have their roots in antiquity: the minerals have always been used by the Indian and celtic populations, up to the Australian aborigines and the American Indians, to create amulets, lucky charms, to give courage and instill balance. Reduced to dust and used to made potions, they were used against diseases and physical disorders thousands of years ago. Today, the beneficial effects obtained from the use of stones and crystals, together with the development of new scientific equipment, are leading several researchers to reconsider the real effectiveness of these minerals, whose chemical and electromagnetic effects on the body and the human mind are still under analysis.



The National Academy of Crystals - the crown jewel of the Strangedays' holistic initiatives - frames the holistic techniques with the crystals in a complete and professionalizing training course, enriched by a rich corpus of complementary and transversal disciplines, such as Psychology, Anatomy, Mineralogy and others. In fact, the modern holistic operator must be able to integrate himself into the concrete activities of the modern world, emerging from the training path as a reliable and sought-after professional figure. The founder Alessia Serafin, after many years of study and teaching, understood the need to organize the Crystal Therapy in a modern method for psychophysical wellbeing, which, in order to stand out from old limited concepts, is now defined as "Crystallogy". In fact, the modern Crystal holistic operator must be able to fit with practical meanings into the job's world as a respected figure.

To this end, the National Academy of Crystals organizes both single, stand-alone courses of Crystallogy, and also a complete academic training course on Crystals, divided into several levels, with many teachers, who will lead to a Specialization and and a Master.

Our structure has hired the best experts of the various disciplines, both holistic and scientific, to be able to offer to those who will enter in the Academy a complete and professional experience.

The Academy is in Rome but the courses are held in Rome, Turin (in Italy) and in Switzerland, other courses are being prepared in France and Spain.


Why Crystallogy


Why do we use the term Crystallogy and not Crystal Therapy?
For the benefit of all those who have marveled at this term, which is certainly not a poetic license, we explain the choice: there is an italian law, the 4/2013, which regulates unregulated professions, including crystal therapy. Although the law can be considered more or less questionable, it also regulates those working in the holistic sector, banning the use of improper words in clear terms. Therefore the term "therapist" connected to the holistic use of the crystals is to be considered incorrect because, as reported in De Mauro / Paravia Dictionary, the term is defined as follows:


TS med. 1. scholar, therapeutic expert
2. competent physician in the prescription and application of clinical and pharmacological therapies: a well-known, distinguished therapist
3. TS psych. => psychotherapist.

What we are trying to do with our National Academy of Crystallogy (Strangedays holistic sector) is to give an inprint of professionalism and seriousness to the work that many of us have been doing for years with dedication and love. Soon the Government will carry out some controls and there will be a greater rigidity in the holistic sector. This, although at first glance may seem limiting, is in fact a guarantee for greater protection of users, who often find themselves having to orient themselves in a jungle of holistic operators of various kinds, not always qualified. The doors are open to anyone who wants to contribute to the growth of a discipline with enormous potential.