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Our Initiatives

Cultural Aperitifs, Courses, Conferences, Meetings

The National Academy of Crystallogy has started various activities and events, whose intent is to promote holistic disciplines and knowledge about crystals. Those who want to learn more about these activities or approach the world of Crystallogy can easily come to one of our cultural aperitifs (called "Apericrystal") which are usually held in the evening, or to one of our conferences (we hold them in various cities of Italy), or participate in a single course among those proposed by us. We remind you that many of the courses that are part of the Master's Course in Crystallogy can also be carried out singly. Anyone who has taken some individual courses and want to enroll in the Master's program, will have recognized the courses already held .



Here is a list of our activities:



The "AperiCystal" are cultural aperitifs promoted by the International Academy of Crystallology and open to all: both to the participants of the training activities and also to those who are not willing to follow a real training course, but only to discover the benefit of crystals.


The evening, which normally lasts about two hours, is divided into a didactic moment in which a new stone and its use is explained in detail, followed by a specific meditation that aims to put itself into practice the concepts learned and use that crystal to improve our well-being.


At the end of the activity it will be possible for the participants to share ideas and considerations on the experience carried out during a real aperitif.


First Level


The First Level of Crystallogy is a course that aims to give basic competences regarding the use of crystals for wellness.

During the one-day course (usually 10.00 am-6.00 pm), numerous stones will be shown and their specific use on various points of the body explained. You will also learn how to use radiesthesia as the first tool to identify which stones can be used for the energy balance.


The course is normally included in the Master in Crystallogy, but those who just want to have bases for personal use or those who are simply curious about the potential of the crystals, can participate in the single training day and then decide whether to continue the full course or not.


Participants will be given a booklet and a personal stone included in the course fee.

At the end of the day a certificate of attendance will be issued.


For more than ten years now we have held conferences, readings and book presentations to disseminate knowledge about holistic disciplines, spirituality and the latest discoveries of science related to unknown phenomena. Recently Alessia Serafin has conducted several experiments on crystals together with the electronic expert Daniele Gullà, to demonstrate the actual energetic qualities and capacities from a physical and chemical point of view, a path that in 2018 leaded to the publication by the Mursia publisher house of the book "Living Crystals". This text, which was the most sold in the Amazon's holistic sector and which is currently in its third reprint, has met a great public success, with extremely positive 5-star reviews:

"The professional seriousness of Alessia led me to buy the book immediately. I attended numerous conferences held by her, the abundance of details and the love that she transmits to you in exposing the arguments during the lectures were also in the text. Discovering the countless applications in everyday life about what I thought were simple stones, struck me a lot. Gullà's professionalism is unquestionable. I recommend the text for lovers of stones, crystals and broad-spectrum energy "

- Monica AP

"Well written and very interesting book, the scientific world is joined to a more spiritual and holistic one that has always been kept apart, instead they must increasingly communicate, because there is still a lot to discover"

- Riccardo T.

"This book is very well presented and clearly provides really interesting explanations, it really opens up to a world that few people know, I really believe that those who love crystals and holistic therapies, have to read it absolutely, they will find it useful and pleasant."

- Sabrina T.


To divulge the incredible discoveries made (and reported in the book with a lots of details, touching testimonies and irrefutable scientific evidence), Alessia Serafin and Daniele Gullà held a long series of conferences throughout Italy, always followed by an extremely interested public. Currently Alessia Serafin is planning a new series of conferences for next year, also abroad.

Counseling and communication


The course offers a broad discussion of techniques, systems and tools that allow students to improve their communication skills in order to optimize interpersonal relationships and better manage relationships with others. The teaching methodology is characterized by lessons and group exercises. Each theoretical frame is followed by a practical exercise to facilitate the learning processes of the concepts transmitted. The exercises also have the purpose of accustoming the participants to apply the theoretical notions to the working reality.