Accademia Internazionale di Cristallogia

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Journalist, writer, expert in communication and new technologies, she is well known for her holistic activity with Crystals. After obtaining the second level and the Master of Crystal Therapy with Fufi Sonnino, she has broadened her technical background  by studying at Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. Reikist since 2010, she has integrated the natural healing of the Usui system with her experience with crystals. She obtained the highest acknowledgments in the techniques of Harmonic Alignment of Energies. Her articles, published by magazines such as Stargate Magazine, Area 51, X-Times and Strangedays News, have been translated into French, English and Spanish. Director of Strangedays News, she has made researches in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, France, Tunisia, Czech Republic and England. She lives in Rome.

Born in Bologna, for years his studies in the fields of biopsy-cybernetic, electronics and spectrography have led him to perform "border" analysis even in sectors considered taboo by scientific institutions, such as psychic research, paranormal photography and ITC. He usually collaborates with law enforcement agencies, courts and prosecutors for forensic audiovideo and voice analysis (voice identification): C.T.U. of the Court of Cassino as Anthropometric Expert, C.T.P. in Bologna and as a Phonic Expert in that of Modena and Rimini. He has also collaborated with the University of Bologna (Department of Biophysics) and with the A.I.M.N. (International Academy of Natural Medicine) as a technical consultant in the biomedical field and with the A.S.P. of San Marino in biospectral investigations. He is often a guest of important television broadcasts of national and international networks (RAI and Mediaset, Sky, La7, Discovery Channel) and his research is frequently the subject of publication by national and foreign periodicals.

Pamela Marescalco

Mining engineer and doctor in environmental geoengineering, always attracted and fascinated by colors, minerals, rocks and nature, she meet Alessia Serafin, of whom she was a student, discovering all the harmony of crystals. She is a scholar of the geomorphological, structural and chemical properties of crystals. Reikist since 2016. She is also a musician and in 1998 obtained the piano degree at the Conservatory of Music N. Paganini of Genoa. For a while she lived in the Netherlands, where she did her thesis. As a professional in the environmental sector, she is an atypical engineer and a curious person, who loves to combine Reiki, music and Crystal Therapy.

Tatiana Zucconi

Graduate in Educational Sciences and with a three-year master's degree in Relational Counseling, she is a well-known counselor and sportsperson who has always dedicated herself to dealing with others. His profession is aimed at solving problems related to relationships, to improve the relationship between couples, support parenting, and manage relationships on work. She is also known for her support for the mental preparation of athletes.

Morena Curti

Born in Orbetello on 2 November 1967, she has worked as a nurse since 1987. She obtained the 1st level Master in "complementary medicine and integrated therapies" at the University of Siena in the 2012-2013 academic year, then attended the course of alternative medicines at the Traditional Chinese Medical School in Florence. 3rd level Reikist, Morena Curti currently is attending the National Academy of Crystallology.

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Arc of Diana

The Arco di Diana association aims to promote knowledge and spread of cultural issues and activities, related to the world of history, myths, cults in general and the Alban Hills in particular, promoting the knowledge and practice and cultures of Oriental medicine, aimed at spiritual elevation. In particular, it promotes events, exhibitions, seminars, meetings and events. The association promotes and encourages every form of activity in the field, history and art in its broadest sense by carrying out news, organizing and implementing all those activities that can be useful, profitable or advantageous for social purposes in its broadest sense meaning, in all its forms.

Il Reiki e le Vie dello Spirito

Holistic organization created to promote the diffusion and integration of different holistic techniques and disciplines among people in every sector and work in synergy with traditional medicine. A platform for sharing knowledge acquired within which everyone can propose their own techniques but also discover new tools for their own evolution.

Non Solo Reiki

Not Only arises from the desire to concretely exploit the enormous, often unexplored possibilities, that our condition of energetic beings on a living planet, in a universe composed of our own energetic matter, makes us available. To learn about "energy in all its forms", here you will find information, insights, Reiki courses, seminars in the energy field and workshops to experiment and broaden your overall vision of reality. If you have always suspected there was something else, something more than what you can touch with your hands and see with your eyes, you won't be disappointed: a lot has already been investigated and a lot has yet to come but of what I personally experienced I offer you my point of view and the concrete possibility of repeating the experience yourself.

Associazione Umania

Umania is an association that was born in Genoa with the precise aim of studying the Human Potential from a Spiritual, Psychological and Energy point of view and with the intent to help every single individual to raise awareness, develop and maintain their own staff " human level ", through the knowledge and practice of different spiritual, meditative, energetic and psychological approaches and with the ultimate aim of acting and living them in one's everyday life: making ordinariness extraordinary.

Umania wants to be a group of researchers who firmly believe in man's transformative potential and the ability to change themselves and the world, in the direction of a more conscious, sensitive and harmonious civilization.

The headquarters of Umania offers a space for research and personal development, an opportunity for meeting, comparison and experimentation; a place where different currents of thought and disciplines can constructively dialogue and promote the spiritual and psychological evolution of each one.

Armonia del Ki

The Association "Armonia del KI" is a Holistic Center that promotes the Energy-Emotional Wellbeing of people, through an integrated approach between bio-natural disciplines, according to modern techniques and those handed down by ancient traditions, both Eastern and Western. The Ass. Cult. "Harmony of the KI", wants to lead the person into a new dimension of well-being, away from the stress and thoughts of everyday life, where regenerating can find its natural psycho-physical balance, thanks to a free flow of its own inner vital energy.
The welcoming environment, listening to the needs and needs of the other allows us to create an ideal path for anyone who wants to give himself a space for himself, thus rebalancing mind-body-soul.

Ambra Blu - Laboratorio per l'Anima

Ambra Blu is a study workshop on holistic disciplines that brings together highly motivated people to pursue spiritual growth, which organizes meetings and seminars of various kinds in Grosseto. The headquarters of the group is in Viale Europa 93, Grosseto.

Università Popolare di Reiki

The first Italian Reiki University in Italy, the national headquarters of the PRAI, was born in Rome. Finally Reiki has a high, recognizable and certified standard. The professionals involved can enroll in a selected register that guarantees quality and seriousness. The Casa della Luna training school, identified by ASI / CONI Sector DBN-DOS Holistic and Oriental Arts, since December 13th 2014 has in fact obtained, for the first time in Italy, the recognition of REIKI's POPULAR UNIVERSITY in Italy, thanks to the energetic dedication of Ermanno Rossitti, national manager of the DBN DOS sector holistic and oriental arts of the ASI and to the tenacious commitment of the technical director, Ida Cagno, to whom goes our heartfelt and sincere thanks. The head of the People's University of Reiki Casa della Luna is Bartolomeo Fresia, president of PRAI, author of books, teacher of ASI DBN-DOS holistic and oriental arts, active in this field for more than twenty years. The University makes use not only of its own collaborators but also of external teachers, all qualified and constantly updated and is assisted by various professional figures in various fields.

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